Islip Bowling Club was established in 1921 and is located in the “chocolate box” village of Islip near Kettering and has something to offer players of all ages and abilities.

Welcome to Islip Bowling Club

Why the community needs us

It is important for local people to keep active and engaged in a social atmosphere which fosters mutual support. It's a great place to come and be involved in the community and is particularly beneficial to those living on their own. The club was founded in 1921 on land given to the village to commemorate the sacrifices made in WWI.

Our impact on the community

Our facilities have been significantly improved in recent years by our own efforts and this is an ongoing commitment. We have been able to welcome a number of new members to the club who came with no experience who are now valuable players.

New Members very     welcome

We are always looking for new members to join both outdoor and indoor short-mat bowling. 

Please come along on a Monday afternoon or Tuesday night and try it out.  We can give you all the equipment you will need.  

Someone is always there or if you prefer someone to meet you then call any of the contacts on this website. 

becoming a member

Learning to bowl is free but you will quickly want to play in the friendly matches that are arranged each year!

You will need to join the club which incurs an annual £40 subscription fee.

After matches have been played you take part in light meals, teas, drinks and socialising with other teams. 

There are also away days, internal competitions, gala days and fund raising activities to take part in.